When People Walk Away

        When you have entrusted your losses and hurts to the Great Healer, when you have put your trust in Him, you can let go of the dead ends in your life and try new roads; you can keep the faith that something  good will come out of the ruins of your broken dreams.        

        When you have managed to transcend the failed friendships, the lost possibilities, and the empty promises, you can continue believing that there is goodness in everyone’s heart. Yes, even those who have hurt  some people in their lives deserve  a second chance.  

        When you have decided to be thankful for the lessons learned instead of collecting hurts, when you have stopped living like a mindless victim of other people’s choices, you learn to forgive and accept that you alone are responsible for your life.  

        When people leave and choose to forget their promises,  learn to let go.  Forgive them who walked away without explaining why. Forgive them who stood by your closed door and asked to be welcomed in only to walk away in the end.  

      When you have chosen to live, instead of waste away,  hope instead of quit, love instead of grow bitter, you keep your hands and heart open to receive – – to know someone wanting to be known, to trust someone yearning to be trusted, and eventually learn to bravely love again. 


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