When I Write

736fddb0801ddd80094b3728aaec4b63When I write,

I bare myself.

Little by little, I undress.

With boldness, I unclothe parts and bits of me.

I think seriously about which parts to show.

Though I undress mainly for my need and pleasure,

I cannot stop others from taking a peep,

from looking, or staring.

When I become self-conscious,

I check myself.

What I write should speak the truth.

Others may not agree with my truth,

but if I can stand by my own truth and

bear my own nakedness,

I can march with my head high in a parade,

wearing the words that prove my meaningful existence.

When I write,

I can give back life to the past or

send it to its peaceful burial.

When I write,

I can paint a canvas of starless nights or

rainbow-colored dreams.

When I write,

I am most free to be who I am and want to be.


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