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Sowing God’s Seeds

When I was a little girl, my favorite chore at Inay‘s (my grandmother) house during summer was watering her flower garden. To discover a new bud had appeared the following morning and to wait for it to blossom was a thrill and wonder to me. I have tried planting my own garden but haven’t really grown my own lush dream garden.
A little girl no more, I continue to wonder and be thrilled at the idea of waking up to that day when “the seeds” He has taught me to plant will be in full bloom, bearing fruits, and adding beauty to what God has already begun in my life. ❤


Her Own Space

She needs a world of her own,

where there are no boundaries except

those that she draws on the sand.

Like a little girl playing by the beach,

how she loves to draw on the sand!

A smiling sun.

A heart.

A sunflower.

An ice cream cone.

A stick drawing of a family of four.

Anything she desires.

Anything she thinks matters to her.

Her own space- her own little world.