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Fall Like Leaves

There is so much beauty in the image of falling leaves —

the peaceful surrender,

the boldness to let go,

the freedom to say goodbye.

I wish I could fall as courageously as those leaves d0

Without question,

without resistance,

without hesitation.

Do the leaves know that the warm earth will receive them?

Do they know that they will continue to add to the world’s beauty

once they fall on the ground?

I wish they don’t.

I wish they just fall

Without knowing where to

Or what’s to come next.

I wish they just let go

Because they just know

Falling off to the ground is part of

What they are,

Part of the cycle of life that they complete,

Part of the life schedule the Loving Creator has ordained.

I’d like to fall the way they do,

Onto the next phase of my life.

I’d like to let go of what has been and surrender to the unknown.

I don’t know where to and what the next life will be like.

Right now, all I know is that my heart longs so desperately

To fall,

To let go,

To be freed from being tied to a dead tree.

There is more to my life.

There is more to me.

I want to fall with the leaves,

Fall where I can add to the world’s beauty in a different way.

Like the leaves that have turned brown,

I have changed.

I cannot stay where I am.

I have to fall and let go

Of all that’s familiar, and usual, and safe.

I have to complete my own cycle of life.

So I pray to the God of the trees,

the God of life and death,

the God of rebirth,

the God of the wind,

Shake me off from this branch where I’ve been hanging on for so long.

Let me fall

Let me fall

To where Your arms will receive me.

Plant me anew.